Donate for Campaign Embrace Brazil

We are participating in the "Embrace Brazil" campaign, launched in partnership with organizations that carry out important social and environmental work in the country. The initiative aims to mobilize an international network of supporters, raise funds and encourage the culture of donation. And we want you to be part of this campaign as well. The foundation develops on the eastern coast of Brazil, the Program, a set of projects and actions with local communities. With its donation we will be able to continue this work, which has in environmental education an important mobilizing and transformative instrument. The Environmental is the center of activities and serves as a diffuser space for social technologies developed and implemented in the municipality. The recovery of mangroves, nursery of marine life, is the focus of our attentions, not only for its ecological importance, but also as a guarantee of the food sovereignty of those who depend on it. Embrace Brazil and help the Brasil Cidadão Foundation to preserve the precious natural heritage of Brazil

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