CAIXA TOKEN - Cryptocoin

CAIXA Coin is an eco system designed to solve problems associated with the traditional banking system, providing them with a decentralized exchange of digital data between their peers, presenting an incorruptible registry of all transactions. Based on the blockchain Ethereum, the process is totally transparent at all times. All transactions are fully traceable, irreversible, and incorruptible.

Caixa (CAIXA) is a virtual currency, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others.

You need to have the wallet in order to receive and store the coins BOX

Important information to make the purchase:

1- User must already have wallet ETHEREUM WALLET (ETH).

2-Install add on for firefox, google chrome.

3-Go to

Level 2

Mercatox, Poloniex, Bittrex

Trading in the purchase and sale of the asset.


Total Tokens 16,000,000

STMX contract

Start:April 20, 2018)
Hard cap:$6m
Soft cap:$10m
Exchange rate:0.60
Project protocol:ERC20