Personal Credit

Caixa Personal Credit

There are several credit options of the Cashier to choose from, the installments can be paid in one go or in monthly installments with pre or postfixed rates.

Super Flexible Installment

Convenience Box

You choose whether to repay your loan at one time or in monthly installments, according to the chosen transaction.

Options to choose from

Cash offers five credit options to choose from.

                              Check out the credit options and choose the best option for you
        Pre-Fixed Personal Loans

        The payment term is from 1 to 60 days and allows up to two reforms of the same term: The first reform requires a minimum amortization of 30% and the second reform requires minimum amortization of 40% of the remaining amount of the contract.
        Pre-Fixed Personal Loans

        The payment term from 1 to 48 months;
        Post-Fixed Personal Credit

        The deadline for payment is 4 to 36 months.
        Salary Credit Pre-Set Cash

        The payment term is from 1 to 48 months.