Vehicle Leasing

New interest-free car with a small portion Only with Caixa's consortium do you realize the dream of the new car in the garage and still pay little.

Values ​​of installments starting at R $ 480.00 for new groups

Leasing of 70 months.

Save money by paying little to win your dream car, check out the plans and prices of the Leasing that Caixa provides for you.

Get your Leasing now from Caixa Econômica Federal!


The fastest way to get money in the account, without guarantor, with the best deadlines and rates that only Caixa can offer you.

Advantages For those who work in a company that is jointly with Caixa or is an INSS pensioner.

You can pay benefits in advance or pay off what you owe in one go.

The benefit is deducted directly from your salary or INSS benefit.

It is not necessary to have a guarantor.

The maximum amount of the loan is calculated on the salary or benefit and the benefits do not exceed 30% of your monthly salary

The interest rate is fixed.

The accrued interest is financed with the principal and incorporated into the amount of the installment;

Look for an agency of Caixa Econômica Federal to have more information, to give the necessary documentation and to sign the contract to receive the cheapest loan

Personal Credit

Caixa Personal Credit

There are several credit options of the Cashier to choose from, the installments can be paid in one go or in monthly installments with pre or postfixed rates.

Super Flexible Installment

Convenience Box

You choose whether to repay your loan at one time or in monthly installments, according to the chosen transaction.

Options to choose from

Cash offers five credit options to choose from.

                              Check out the credit options and choose the best option for you
        Pre-Fixed Personal Loans

        The payment term is from 1 to 60 days and allows up to two reforms of the same term: The first reform requires a minimum amortization of 30% and the second reform requires minimum amortization of 40% of the remaining amount of the contract.
        Pre-Fixed Personal Loans

        The payment term from 1 to 48 months;
        Post-Fixed Personal Credit

        The deadline for payment is 4 to 36 months.
        Salary Credit Pre-Set Cash

        The payment term is from 1 to 48 months.


Platinum Tourism

Insurance and assists you to travel and enjoy more without worry.

National Card

The most widely accepted flags in Brazil, with the credibility of the Caixa Econômica Federal

International Card

Much more practicality and safety abroad and in the banana country. Your card guarantees uniquely safe conditions for emergencies and other special advantages.

Gold Card

Make your purchases in Banana Country and abroad, earn points and have an exclusive service center in several countries.

Platinum world travel

It has Promotions, discounts, facilities and many benefits for you to have the trip of your dreams without worrying about the daily bills

My House

Here, you will find the best way to use it to fulfill the dream of home ownership. Financing of the Federal Savings Bank Caixa has the best financing options for you to buy, build, renovate, or improve a new or used home. Simulate online and get the best financing options